Unlike other managed IT service providers, Independence Computer Corp strays from the standard ‘break-fix’ approach. We don’t wait until something goes wrong. Our highly trained team of programmers, engineers, support staff, technicians, and consultants provide proactive services and prevention techniques to ensure your business doesn’t suffer a loss of productivity.

When a problem occurs, our expert team finds it and resolves it before you notice it or before it can wreak havoc on your systems. Ultimately, Independence Computer Corp’s Managed IT Services deliver what others cannot. We provide the highest levels of support for your entire IT system. We do this while maintaining cost-effectiveness and allowing you control over your IT budget.

Whether you operate a small-scale, medium-scale, or large-scale organization, our Managed IT Services can cover all aspects of your IT system. So consider signing up for our flat fee month-to-month service offering to enjoy the benefits of Managed IT Services.

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    Small Business IT Services

    Independence Computer Corp offers clients a comprehensive selection of IT services to businesses that don’t have the skill or time to manage their technology in-house. We have a team of committed and knowledgeable programmers, consultants, analysts, and engineers that are trusted in their respective fields, attending to the needs of our clients. Let us help you with your IT needs.

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    Support For Small Businesses and Office Devices

    At Independence Computer Corp, we focus on providing support for small businesses and office devices like laptops, printers, desktops, and mobile phones. Our team always does more than what’s expected to provide quality managed IT support to ensure operations and processes within an organization continue without a hitch. Let us help you with your small business IT needs.

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    Unlimited IT Support For Your Entire Company

    Were you aware that most tech support solutions center around end-user issues? Independence Computer Corp provides unlimited IT support for your entire company. We can help you with end-user issues such as a slow computer, internet connectivity problems, failed printing, lost passwords, and log-in difficulties.

    Our technicians can solve these problems remotely by using various tools that permit access to your systems and network. In addition, the team at Independence Computer Corp provides cloud services, application repairs, software installations, advanced troubleshooting, and more.

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    24/7 Customer Assistance and Minimization Of Downtime

    Independence Computer Corp can provide 24/7 customer assistance to minimize downtime. Our team will answer all queries and complaints promptly. Our service desk is manned by highly trained technicians who can help you solve IT problems swiftly. Regardless of the size of your IT problem, we can help ensure your business goals stay on track.

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    On-Demand Issue and Performance Reporting

    Did you know that since cloud-based services are becoming increasingly popular, most IT support tasks are performed remotely? Even though most tasks are now done remotely, there is still a need for on-site solutions when problems arise. Independence Computer Corp will send a technician to your location when issues arise that cannot be solved remotely.

    In addition, our team also provides routine on-site services to ensure you receive on-demand issues and performance reporting. Consider speaking with us about a site visit.

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    Complete IT System Management

    Do you need to keep your IT environment performing as it should? Independence Computer Corp can provide your business with 24/7 management and monitoring of every component in your network. This includes your switches, routers, and firewalls.

    You can trust that our automated systems will find and report failures of your connections and devices. We can offer this because our team proactively monitors various network elements, including your servers and computers.

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    Consulting & Planning Sessions

    No IT system network will be successful without carefully laid plans. You need to use managed IT services to ensure your network and systems operate safely and efficiently. At Independence Computer Corp, we will consult with you and conduct planning sessions to determine the best approach for your business.

    Workstation Management

    Keeping your software and operating systems up to date is a guaranteed way to protect your company from cyber-attacks. Failing to do this will mean you miss out on new features and become vulnerable to hackers looking for businesses that haven’t performed routine security updates.

    Independence Computer Corp can assist if you lack the staff to perform workstation management on a routine basis. Our qualified team can take over the responsibility of this crucial task to ensure your systems continue their security updates, software updates, antivirus updates, and patch solutions.

    Ransomware Security

    One of the biggest threats to a business is ransomware and cybersecurity attacks. After all, a well-timed attack could cause a significant data breach which could be detrimental to your consumers and your business. Many businesses don’t realize they need reliable resources to combat cyber-attacks and threats effectively. Utilizing a managed IT service provider like Independence Computer Corp will give you access to advanced, 24/7 cybersecurity protection.

    Benefits Of Small Business IT Services

    At Independence Computer Corp, we value our customers, which is why we want to ensure they experience as many benefits as possible when using our services.

    Reduced IT Costs

    Hiring and retaining in-house IT solutions can be costly. In addition, the global shortage of skilled IT workers makes it difficult to maintain effective IT solutions. If you switch to managed IT services, you will experience reduced IT costs and easier processes.

    Greater Focus On Growth Opportunities

    Growth is an essential part of success. If your business is not growing, it won’t succeed. Fortunately, you can strengthen your likelihood of continuing to succeed by using managed IT services to delegate complex technology decisions. By doing this, you can concentrate on core competencies while grasping growth opportunities.

    Better Resource Allocation

    It can be challenging to manage your resources when you’re focusing on growing your business. You will benefit from better resource allocation with a managed IT service provider. This is because you will be able to use reliable IT skill sets to distribute your in-house IT resources more effectively. By doing this, you’ll unlock improved value across your company.

    Efficient Operations

    Operations efficiency should be a priority for any business. Fortunately, one of the most significant benefits of managed IT services is receiving more efficient operations. Unlike in-house IT staff that can become overwhelmed as your business scales, a managed IT service provider can ensure your business continues efficient operations as you scale. Our team can help ensure you’re maximizing performance from your technology.

    Reliable Fee Structure

    Other IT solutions will cost you a fortune, whereas managed IT services offer a more consistent fee structure that you can rely on. Managed IT services are generally billed at a fixed monthly subscription, so you don’t need to worry about overspending from month to month. As a result, you can reliably plan for your business’s future confidently and effectively.

    Up To Date Technology Knowledge

    Did you know that system failures can cost small businesses up to an estimated $300,000 per incident? As a managed IT service provider, we can ensure your technology is running optimally and securely because we stay up to date on modern technology. Our team continuously learns new technology systems and trends to ensure our clients are at an advantage.

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